That Time Brian Epstein ‘Had To’ Buy John Lennon A Guitar

That Time Brian Epstein ‘Had To’ Buy John Lennon A Guitar | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Lennon live in 1969 - Rondonian / Youtube

During their heyday, The Beatles’ music evolved as their careers advanced. Before, they were okay with the idea of writing cheesy pop love songs to sustain chart-toppers, but over the years, this idea eventually faded, leaving the Fab Four to explore more of their experimental side and create works of art that go down in history. But one fact is certain from them from the beginning: they needed to improve their instruments as much as possible to achieve such progression.

It’s a known truth that The Beatles were among the wealthiest musicians in music, but what others didn’t know was that it took much longer for the group to achieve financial stability. Even at the start of the 60s wherein their careers are about to go sky-high levels, there were moments when they still couldn’t afford to buy what was necessary for their improvement. At one point in the year 1962, Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein had to buy John Lennon an acoustic guitar just so the band could produce some quality music during the Please Please Me sessions.

Lennon and Harrison, according to legend, went to Rushworth’s Music House in Liverpool to purchase an acoustic guitar in the fall of 1962. For the “Love Me Do” recordings, they found a pair of Gibson J-160E “Jumbo” guitars, but could not afford them since the value was worth £161.  Epstein then took the lead and co-signed for the guitars to be paid off shortly thereafter because neither of the members could afford the amount at the time.

Harrison and Lennon both happily used the matching instruments until Lennon’s guitar got stolen on Christmas day, in 1963. The musician decided to buy another one; only this time, he was able to afford it with his hard-earned money.