The Beatles Song That Don McLean Said Cured His Depression

The Beatles Song That Don McLean Said Cured His Depression | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Beatles for Help! - The Beatles / Youtube

Like Don McLean, we all have our favorite Beatle songs to rely on when we want to feel good. He revealed his inside his 2021 interview with Songwriting.

McLean is a traditionalist, someone who follows the true style of those who appreciate the roots of this ever-growing music industry. “I’m an Elvis [Presley] fan, I’m a Gene Vincent fan,” the “Starry Night” singer explained.

“I’m a Slyliners fan, a Beatles fan, a Beach Boys fan, a Sons of the Pioneers fan,” he continued. “I love gospel music. Simple, down-to-earth beautiful songs.” Before that, McLean said that he just couldn’t get a grip on the 70s and 80s bands that rose on the occasion.

The Beatles, like the rest of the musicians out there, had such an impact on McLean that the Fab Four themselves cured him of depression. Speaking with Red Bulletin in 2022, the musician opened up about his feelings towards the song, “I Feel Fine” by the Beatles.

“I was coming out of long-term depression when this record came out,” McLean said. “My father had died in 1961 and when JFK was assassinated, America was in really bad shape. ‘I Feel Fine’ came out on Beatles ’65 and it was the happiest song that I had heard in my whole life.”

The song turned his life around, and he started to delve further into his love for music, all thanks to The Beatles’ power to create such impactful songs that will remain in history.