Technology Can Help Concerts Survive Amid Covid 19 Threat

Technology Can Help Concerts Survive Amid Covid 19 Threat | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Social distancing not observed in large crowds - CNBC International / Youtube

In the midst of the current pandemic threat, live events such as concerts and shows have come to a complete standstill in efforts to prevent the further spread of the virus. In a concentrated effort to slowly ease in the reinstatement of these events, innovations in technology have been developed to address this.

The current situation doesn’t inspire much confidence in concertgoers as only a slim 27% of the music-loving crowd is brave enough to return to public gatherings without any vaccine available. Four out of ten Americans also said that they’d rather wait even if it takes more than a year just to be safe, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

As vaccines are still far out on the horizon in terms of development, preventive measures such as the requirement of mask-wearing are seen to become the norm soon, as well as public hand sanitation booths – which three out of four Americans agree to implement in an April poll by the Morning Consult.

Other methods like temperature screening phases for ticket purchasing is being considered, although companies are still deliberating on the process on how to properly implement this. Ground employees are still open to the risk of contracting the virus, as well as the compromise of social distancing protocols due to longer lines and packed crowds.

This is why thermal imaging technology is constantly being considered – especially walk-in type stations – to monitor individual temperatures and flag fever-level readouts as potential carriers of the virus.