Steward Copeland Shares Why He’s Not The Right Guy For The Doors

Steward Copeland Shares Why He’s Not The Right Guy For The Doors | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a fascinating revelation, renowned drummer Stewart Copeland recently shared in an interview with Big Take Over that he had the chance to be a part of The Doors, the iconic band that defined an era.

However, fate had other plans

Copeland ultimately became best known as the drummer for The Police.

Recalling the unexpected turn of events, Copeland revealed,

“Well, there was The Doors who invited me to join them. And it was a funny thing where I couldn’t believe it. They’re my thing. Like, kid these days, the Foo Fighters are happening for them. The Foo Fighters is the thing. For me, my age group, The Doors were right there, along with Jimi Hendrix and Cream and so on.”

The invitation from The Doors left Copeland astonished

Leading to a unique situation where the band seemed to be auditioning him instead of the other way around. Copeland explained,

“So to get a call from The Doors is unbelievable. And I said, very meekly, ‘Let’s have a jam and see if we’re right for each other.’ I was being super humble. And so we did and we met up at SIR Studio and we played together and Ray Manzarek said, ‘So, did we pass the audition?’ I said, ‘You were auditioning me, not the other way around.’ Jesus Christ, weird that they saw it from that point of view.”

Despite the enjoyable jam session with Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek, Copeland felt he wasn’t the right fit for The Doors. In his own words,

“But I wasn’t right for them. We enjoyed the jam. I was transported playing those songs with Robby [Krieger] and Ray. I couldn’t believe that I was really doing that. But I was the wrong guy. I am no John Densmore. He does trance, and he was one of my big influences, but I’m not that guy.”

Interestingly, this decision didn’t hinder the development of a friendship between Copeland and John Densmore.

Speaking about their connection, Copeland shared,

“He’s actually a friend of mine now. And I do explosion. It wasn’t The Doors with me; it fell between two stools, so we parted company.”

The drummer’s journey with The Doors didn’t end with a friendly parting, as legal matters entered the picture. Copeland filed a lawsuit against The Doors, citing a breach of contract. He alleged that Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger had failed to honor their commitment to include him in a tour and a forthcoming studio album.

The legal dispute eventually reached a resolution, with Copeland speaking positively about the band afterward. Despite the legal complexities, he encouraged people to attend The Doors’ performances and praised Ian Astbury. The drummer acknowledged the intricate nature of their association, saying,

“But yes, that’s it. I mean, I get calls every day from somebody in Argentina saying, ‘Hey, you know, I’d love you to play on my album.'”