Sean Lennon Speaks Out Against Society’s Indulgence On Female Nudity

Sean Lennon Speaks Out Against Society’s Indulgence On Female Nudity | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Sean Ono Lennon, the musician and son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, recently shared his thoughts on society’s perception of female nudity in a candid post on X, addressing the intriguing paradox between the acceptance of violence and the stigma surrounding nudity.

In his thought-provoking post

Lennon highlighted the inconsistency, stating,

“It’s weird how hung up society still is about sex. I know it’s been said, but the fact that female nipples are deemed more offensive than dead bodies says something about our moral compass.”

Responding to a user who accused him of labeling society as prudish, Lennon clarified that he never made such a claim. In a light-hearted exchange, another comment jokingly referred to the accusation,

“I’m the queen of fairness, and I can see why John thought that’s what you meant.”

Lennon responded by elaborating on his initial tweet,

“Hello, your majesty. I think society is hung up in many ways. The hang-ups express themselves in being afraid of nipples and also being obsessed with them. I think both expressions are arguably a pathology.”

This isn’t the first time Sean Lennon has used his platform to express his views on various topics.

A few weeks ago, he voiced skepticism about astrology, stating,

“Worrying about Mercury being in retrograde is like worrying that someone is shrinking because they’re walking away from you.”

When a user brought up a rumor about John Lennon’s belief in astrology, Sean confirmed it,

“My parents were obsessed with astrology, which has a lot to do with my feelings on it. Some went to catholic school. I was trained in hippie nonsense.”

In terms of his career, Sean Lennon has future plans to collaborate with his brother, Julian Lennon. In a September interview, Julian revealed that they’ve discussed the concept and believe it’s a good idea. While specific details are yet to be unveiled, the prospect of the Lennon brothers creating music together has generated anticipation among fans.