Stevie Nicks Reveals Her Favorite Records Of All-Time

Stevie Nicks Reveals Her Favorite Records Of All-Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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There’s something about Stevie Nicks that’s so ethereal and majestic. A lot of people could agree that with her and Lindsey Buckingham’s inclusion in the British band Fleetwood Mac, the band developed a new flavor that became so popular to the audience’s taste of music. Such fantastic talent of hers came from the fact that she listened to different genres of music when she was young, influenced by her grandfather who used to teach her how to sing.

With so many awards and recognition for her voice and lyrical prowess, whatever favorites in music do Nicks has in her mind will always remain relevant. Obsessed with harmonies and her keen sense of detail, Nicks’s favorite records are quite palpable. From Crosby Stills & Nash to John Mayer, we look at the 4 favorite records courtesy of the “Landslide” singer.

Inside a 2011 interview from The Guardian, Nicks highlighted the soundtrack of his childhood that taught her the many things she needed to be a rock n’ roll star. The first one to teach her that was Buffalo Springfield Again by Buffalo Springfield, specifically the song “Rock and Roll Woman.” Upon hearing it for the first time, she felt connected to the song immediately. “When I heard the lyrics, I thought: that’s me! They probably wrote it about Janis Joplin or someone like that but I was convinced it was about me,” she said.

The next one is kind of obvious, and one of the reasons why Nicks became hooked on creating gorgeous harmonies. Crosby, Stills & Nash’s debut 1969 album was a vital tool for a then-aspiring singer not to settle with those boring singalongs. “I knew that I wanted to be in a band with the same kind of harmonies,” she admitted, noting how important CSN’s contributions to her style.

Another one of her favorites is the Joni Mitchell record, Court and Spark. Court and Spark reflected the upsetting moments of her life, with her career a whirlwind confusion and her relationship with Lindsey about to break apart. It was also a suffocating moment for her, seeing no progress in her life in music and getting tired from her job as a cleaning lady and a waitress.

The last one on her list is rather contemporary, Battle Studies by John Mayer. “I don’t listen to other music when I’m writing as I don’t like to be influenced by other things. You don’t want to end up rewriting something that’s already been written,” Nicks said.