Stevie Nicks Releases Two Versions Of New Single “Show Them the Way”

Stevie Nicks Releases Two Versions Of New Single  “Show Them the Way” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Stevie Nicks for her 24 Karat Gold Concert - Stevie Nicks / Youtube

Stevie Nicks releases two versions of her new solo single, “Show Them The Way.”

Nicks said the song began as a poem inspired by a dream. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, she had a dream before the 2008 Presidential elections happened. Nicks dreamt that she was singing at a political benefit that had Martin Luther King Jr., John and Bobby Kennedy, and John Lewis in tow. She wrote music for it a few days later but shelved it. Only until recently has Nicks decided to record it in hopes that it can help alleviate the tensions in what she calls a “very strange and dangerous time.”

She posted the poem online, titled “The Kennedys”, on January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama was declared as President. “I sent this poem off to Senator [Ted] Kennedy when I heard he was ill,” she disclosed. “I wanted him to have it. People have asked me, ‘What is this dream about?’ My answer has always been, ‘Something about Barack Obama made me feel the hope and love I felt from the Kennedys and from Dr. King.’ My subconscious mind created this amazing dream. The dream hands the torch to Mr. Obama. ‘Do not forget what we were fighting for!’ I believe he will not forget.”

Nicks added: “As a poet and a writer of songs, I dedicate this poem that was inspired by him – to him – our brave new president. John and Bobby and Martin would be so proud.”

“Show Them The Way” has two versions – an acoustic and full band arrangement, which you can listen to below.