Stevie Nicks Reflects And Shares Thoughts About COVID-19

Stevie Nicks Reflects And Shares Thoughts About COVID-19 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Stevie Nicks for American Horror Story - disseminationmachine / Youtube

Stevie Nicks likened the current state of the world in the COVID-19 era to a real American Horror Story episode in her latest journal entry, where she also encouraged people to wear face masks, as their lives literally depended on it.

In her journal entry dated August 10, the singer reflected on the present affairs, along with a stern warning. She wrote:

“We still have our freedom~
But we don’t have much time~

On July 29th, 2020 when I posted my journal entry about wearing masks, there were 141,430 deaths from COVID 19 in the United States.

Today, August 10th, 2020 there are 163,465 deaths from COVID 19 in the United States.

22,035 people have died in 13 days….”

The Fleetwood Mac siren also took note of the similarities between how the US is handling the COVID-19 situation and a 2013 episode of American Horror Story where she also starred in. “This is like the season of American Horror Story I was in. It had turned into an apocalypse above ground. A serious “shelter in place.” And unless you were a famous witch or a wealthy warlock or just a very rich person you did not get into one of the underground bunkers~ But if you did get in, you arrived in a beautifully tattered black Victorian carriage drawn by two noble, monstrous but dying ~ black horses. It was just a great story, but I felt the gravity of it even then… You did not want to leave that safe house because only death awaited you above ground. When those characters ventured out for just a moment~ They wore their hazmat suits and black gas masks~ no questions asked. I found it terrifying. It was the end of the world ~
What’s going on in our country now, is a real ‘American Horror Story.’ Nobody is leading us. Nobody has a plan. Unless people change their attitude from – “Oh this is such a bummer to stay in and wear a mask and follow the rules, and not party” ~ We will never get ahead of this virus,” she wrote.