Steven Van Zandt Recalls Tony Bennett’s Unforgettable Favor To Him

Steven Van Zandt Recalls Tony Bennett’s Unforgettable Favor To Him | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The world mourns the loss of a legendary artist and a man with a heart of gold, Tony Bennett. Among those grieving is Steven Van Zandt, who recently took to Twitter to reminisce about a heartwarming favor Bennett did for him. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the historic Netflix premiere of ‘Lilyhammer,’ a series that introduced the binge-watching model, let’s take a moment to honor the unforgettable gesture that Tony Bennett made to support his friend and fellow musician.

Tony Bennett’s Unforgettable Favor: A Show of Support

In the world of entertainment, gestures of support and camaraderie often leave a lasting impact. Steven Van Zandt, best known as a guitarist for the E Street Band and an actor on ‘The Sopranos,’ fondly recalled the premiere of ‘Lilyhammer,’ the first original series on Netflix. The show’s uniqueness and the relatively unknown platform it was launching on might have deterred others, but not Tony Bennett. He showed up at the premiere of ‘Lilyhammer’ and lent his support to a show and a company that were then obscure.

Reflecting on the unforgettable favor, Steven Van Zandt wrote on Twitter: “One of a kind, amazing man. Did us a huge favor showing up at the premiere of ‘Lilyhammer,’ a show nobody ever heard of, which was the very first show for a company nobody ever heard of called Netflix.”

 The Legacy of ‘Lilyhammer’ and Tony Bennett’s Impact

‘Lilyhammer’ marked a milestone in the entertainment industry as the first show to be released on Netflix, introducing the concept of binge-watching full TV seasons at once. The Norwegian series, in which Steven Van Zandt starred, resonated with audiences, and its historic Netflix premiere paved the way for the streaming revolution that transformed how we consume content.

Tony Bennett’s support for ‘Lilyhammer’ was a testament to his generous spirit and his willingness to champion fellow artists. While the world grieves the loss of this iconic performer, Steven Van Zandt expressed his condolences and admiration for Tony Bennett’s extraordinary talent and character. He shared on Twitter: “RIP, Tony Bennett. The best of the best. The last of the legends. A man whose heart was as big as his voice. The world’s foremost practitioner of the ‘Art Of Excellence.’ Deepest love and condolences to my friend Danny [Bennett] and the family.”