Roger Waters Release “Money” From “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux”

Roger Waters Release “Money” From “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Roger Waters, the legendary musician and founding member of Pink Floyd, is set to release “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux” on October 6th. This highly ambitious project offers a fresh reinterpretation of the iconic album that captured the hearts of millions when it was first recorded fifty years ago. With the wisdom of age and a new perspective gained from his life experiences, Waters brings a deeper focus on the philosophical, social, and political themes of the original. As a preview to the release, Waters has recently streamed “Money,” a track that encapsulates the brilliance of this groundbreaking project.

“The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux”: A Journey Through Time

Originally recorded by Pink Floyd when Roger Waters was just 29, “The Dark Side Of The Moon” was a groundbreaking album that delved into profound human experiences, the passage of time, and the complexities of the human psyche. Now, fifty years later, “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux” takes listeners on a captivating journey, as Waters revisits and enhances his original creations. Drawing inspiration from his own life, philosophy, and insights gained through age, the reimagined album promises to captivate both long-time fans and a new generation of listeners.

A Message for Modern Times

In “The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux,” Waters emphasizes the enduring relevance of the original album’s messages. As an elder statesman of the music industry, Waters reflects on the state of the world and its lack of progress in addressing the profound themes explored in the original work.

He states:

“The original Dark Side of the Moon feels in some ways like the lament of an elder being on the human condition,” says Waters. “But Dave, Rick, Nick and I were so young when we made it, and when you look at the world around us, clearly the message hasn’t stuck. That’s why I started to consider what the wisdom of an 80 year-old could bring to a reimagined version.”

At first, met with surprise and skepticism, the idea of re-recording “The Dark Side of the Moon” proved to be a visionary project. Waters, alongside multi-instrumentalist Gus Seyffer and film director Sean Evans, embarked on this ambitious undertaking with determination. The result is a work that stands proudly alongside the original, demonstrating the timeless impact of Pink Floyd’s musical legacy. Waters shares his immense pride in the reimagined album, as it seamlessly intertwines with the original masterpiece, bridging a half-century of musical brilliance.

“When I first mentioned the idea of re-recording ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ to (multi-instrumentalist and collaborator) Gus Seyffer and (film director) Sean Evans we all thought I was mad, but the more we considered it, the more we thought ‘isn’t that the whole point?’.

“I’m immensely proud of what we have created, a work that can sit proudly alongside the original, hand-in-hand across a half-century of time.”

With the wisdom and perspective of an 80-year-old, Waters aims to infuse the reimagined version with a deeper resonance for today’s world.

Listen to the song below: