Steven Tyler’s Only Got One Wish For His 70th Birthday, And You Can Help Make It Come True

Steven Tyler’s Only Got One Wish For His 70th Birthday, And You Can Help Make It Come True | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Steven Tyler Makes A Powerful Birthday Wish

Gift buying is hard.

Either it’s too small, too big, kinda sorta what the other person wanted or you missed the mark completely. When you’ve got someone as successful as, say, Steven Tyler to shop for, it’s even more difficult; what on earth do you get the guy that has literally everything?

Thankfully, he’s done the heavy lifting for us.

Tyler, who is celebrating his 70th birthday today wrapped in the arms of family and friends (and probably with one hell of a birthday bash!), took to Facebook today to share his birthday wishlist with fans. It’s pretty easy, considering it’s only got one thing on it: donate to Janie’s Fund.

Described as “a big voice for abused girls,” Janie’s Fund was founded by Steven Tyler in 2015 in a mission to bring awareness to the abuse and neglect of children, particularly girls. A cause that’s especially close to his heart, Steven’s spent every waking moment away from the stage and off the road making this dream come true – so it’s no wonder that he wants to share it with the rest of us.

“For my 70th trip around the sun…I am asking you beautiful people…the people I do this for…that have made this entire wild trip worth it…to join me in donating to #JaniesFund,” he begins, adding, “I started #JaniesFund two years ago to give a big voice to our country’s most vulnerable girls. Together we’ve helped hundreds of these young women heal through our programs…any amount will do, will make a huge impact in their lives.”

With the help of Janie’s Fund and Janie’s House, millions of girls and young women across America will be able to receive the help, care, and financial support required to work through their traumas, and move forward with the tools required to move about the world as they were intended to: happy, healthy, and whole. Celebrate Steven’s 70th birthday by donating here if you’re able to, and if not, that’s okay too – we’ve gotcha covered.

Kick back with this killer video for Aerosmith’s “Dream On” in the video below, and swing by Steven’s official Facebook page to leave him a little birthday love!