Steven Tyler Shows Off Bold Earth Day Outfit – Wait…Is That A Skirt?

Steven Tyler Shows Off Bold Earth Day Outfit – Wait…Is That A Skirt? | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Steven Tyler

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At 71 years old (or young, depending how you look at it), Steven Tyler’s proven that he doesn’t play by the rules of fashion and doesn’t plan on it any time soon. Just as comfortable rocking his signature silk shirts and leather pants as he is in a tunic and sandals, there’s no tying Steven down when it comes to his fashion choices.

I mean, look at the guy: no one else in the world could rock an outfit the way Steven does.

I don’t think golf attire has ever looked so stylish…

…and neither have floral print bellbottoms.

Never one to be caught dead celebrating a holiday without an outfit to match, Steven participated in yesterday’s Earth Day celebrations from a gorgeous piece of heaven out on the ocean in Maui. He debuted a special new getup in honor of our fair lady Mother Earth, and it definitely raised a few eyebrows over the weekend.

Rocking a white t-shirt and sunglasses, Steven donned a tribal print sarong with a brightly colored flower in his hair:

Fans flocked to his Facebook post to react:

It takes a certain kind of man to rock a flower in his hair and a sarong as confidently as Steven does, but then again, Steven’s never claimed to be your regular, run of the mill kinda guy. Of all of the comments we’ve seen on Steven’s Earth Day look, though,  our favorite was one that said everything that needed to be said:

’nuff said.