Steven Tyler Finally Wins Against Sexual Abuse Allegations

Steven Tyler Finally Wins Against Sexual Abuse Allegations | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a recent court ruling, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler appears to have reached a definitive conclusion in a long-standing legal battle.

A federal judge in Manhattan has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Tyler, accusing him of sexual assault. The lawsuit, brought by former teenage model Jeanne Bellino, alleged that Tyler assaulted her twice in one day back in the mid-1970s.

This dismissal marks the end of a legal journey that began in February 2024. U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected Bellino’s initial complaint, and in this most recent ruling, dismissed the case entirely.

Kaplan determined that the specific law Bellino cited did not apply to her case, and that refiling with any amendments would be pointless. 

Sexual Assault “in Broad Daylight”

The lawsuit against Tyler painted a disturbing picture of a powerful rockstar allegedly abusing his position. Bellino’s complaint described the incident as happening “in broad daylight,” highlighting the audacity of the act.

The lawsuit further alleged that Tyler’s actions caused Bellino significant emotional distress. The document detailed how she was “held captive” and subjected to “mauling” and “groping”, leaving her feeling violated.

Bellino sought unspecified damages in the lawsuit, hoping to hold Tyler accountable for his alleged actions. The lawsuit also aimed to send a message, potentially encouraging other victims to come forward.

Tyler Denies Allegations

Steven Tyler vehemently denied the accusations in Bellino’s lawsuit. The judge’s decision hinged on the statute of limitations within a specific New York City law intended to support victims of gender-based violence.

This dismissal marked the second time Kaplan had thrown out Bellino’s complaint against Tyler. Following the initial dismissal, Tyler’s attorney expressed gratitude for the court’s reasoning and a positive outcome for their client.

While the Bellino case concluded, another lawsuit against Tyler remains ongoing. Julia Misley (formerly Julia Holcomb) filed a sexual assault lawsuit in California, alleging a predatory relationship began when she was only 16  In response, Tyler maintains that their relationship was consensual, despite her age at the time. He also cites a period of legal guardianship as grounds for immunity.