Mötley Crüe Release ‘Dogs Of War’ And They Survive Social Media

Mötley Crüe Release ‘Dogs Of War’ And They Survive Social Media | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Glam metal veterans Mötley Crüe have unleashed their first new single in five years, titled “Dogs Of War”. This marks a significant moment for the band, not only because it’s their first official release with new guitarist John 5, but also because it signifies their continued creative fire despite the departure of founding member Mick Mars.

Anticipation has been building since Mötley Crüe teased new music earlier this week, and the release of “Dogs Of War” has certainly not disappointed. With John 5 now fully integrated into the band, the single promises a fresh take on the Crüe’s signature sound, while still retaining the raw energy that fans have come to expect.

But how does “Dogs Of War” fare in the age of social media? Let’s dig in and see if the glam legends have successfully navigated the ever-changing landscape of music criticism.

A Classic Crüe Anthem Emerges

“Dogs Of War” explodes with a brazen, uptempo riff that instantly throws you back to the golden age of glam metal. Frontman Vince Neil delivers a powerful chorus with the iconic line “Don’t let those bastards get you down,” reminding fans that Mötley Crüe haven’t lost their edge.

This electrifying track was recorded remotely last year with the band’s longtime collaborator Bob Rock. Fans actually got a sneak peek towards the end of 2023 when Crüe played a secret set at The Underworld in Camden under the alias “The London Crawlers”.

Interestingly, the recording of “Dogs Of War” wasn’t originally planned. According to bassist Nikki Sixx, the song emerged organically during a demo session. “We were in the studio doing demos, and it always happens where we have a vision of a song but then other riffs come out from there,” Sixx explained to NME. “So while we were working on a song, this riff came out.”

It Started When They Tried Covering “Blitzkrieg Bop”

While the band initially discussed covering The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop”, their creative session quickly took a different turn. “We were just getting together to be creative,” John 5 explained, “Then ‘Dogs Of War’ came out, as well as a couple of other ideas.”

The iconic chorus lyric “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” actually found its way into the song thanks to a bit of inspiration from the Netflix series A Handmaid’s Tale. Sixx shared that he wrote the line down after watching the show and then used it as a springboard for the rest of the lyrics.

John 5 further described the unique recording process for “Dogs Of War”, which involved collaborating with the band and Bob Rock in a live setting. “It was a really cool thing that happened.”

The guitarist continued, “We all got in one room and just knocked it out, and that’s how everything was tracked.” This approach, he noted, felt particularly special in today’s era where remote recording is often the norm.

A New Chapter, But Not a Departure from the Crüe DNA

While “Dogs Of War” marks the end of a 15-year gap between studio albums for Mötley Crüe, the band emphasizes that it doesn’t signify a complete overhaul of their sound.

Despite the addition of John 5 as a full-time member and their recent partnership with Big Machine Records, fans can rest assured that the Crüe’s signature style remains intact.

John 5’s influence isn’t a sudden development, as he and Nikki Sixx have enjoyed a close friendship for years. “We’ve already written so many songs together because me and Nikki have known each other for decades now,” John 5 shared. Sixx jokingly added that he “gave him the grey hair” before John even officially joined the band, further emphasizing their long-standing bond.

A Longstanding Creative Partnership

Sixx revealed that their creative partnership with John 5 extends far beyond “Dogs Of War”. He reminisced about their collaboration dating back to their co-writing of the 2006 track “The Monster is Loose” for Meat Loaf’s album Bat Out of Hell III.

Furthermore, the creative spark wasn’t limited to just one song. Sixx shared how the band wrote multiple new songs around the time the movie The Dirt was being finalized. “If I remember correctly, there were four songs called ‘The Dirt’ because we were trying to zero in on one song, but we ended up releasing all four of them,” he said.

This highlights a long-standing and fruitful creative partnership between Sixx and John 5, where their collaborations consistently yield positive results and a sense of enjoyment.

Embracing the Changing Tides of Popularity

Reflecting on the band’s recent success, Sixx acknowledged the impact of the 2019 biopic The Dirt and the 2022 series Pam & Tommy, which exposed Mötley Crüe to a whole new generation of fans decades after their initial rise to fame.

“For us, the only constant in our career has been that we constantly change and that comes with hills and valleys,” Sixx explained. “We’ve ridden it out over 43 years and sometimes we’re not cool, sometimes we’re the coolest band, sometimes we can’t even get a phone call back.”

Despite the fluctuations in public perception, Sixx emphasized that the band remains focused on their own creative journey. “We’re just living in our own little bubble and doing what we want to do,” he said.

” I don’t necessarily think we’ve ever thought that we should do something to be liked or for the public reception. We do what we do, we’re passionate about it and we hope that people like it. Also, if they don’t, we get that, we understand it. It’s just part of our creative process,” the bassist shared.

Navigating a New Reality of Social Media

With a new generation of fans discovering Mötley Crüe, the band, known for their wild past and hedonistic image, now finds themselves navigating a different social landscape where greater responsibility is expected from public figures.

Sixx, however, rejects the notion of crafting a persona for public consumption. “I don’t really feel that I have any connection to trying to sell myself as something that people want,” he stated. “I just use social media the same way that I’ve used interviews since 1981. I speak from my heart and talk about what I’m actually doing in my life.”

This authenticity extends beyond the rockstar facade. I have almost a five-year-old daughter and she’s a big part of me and my wife’s life,” Sixx revealed. “I share a lot about my family life and about my creative process now. I think that’s the best way to be as an artist, to be transparent.”

More Music on the Horizon, But No Full Album Yet

While “Dogs Of War” marks a significant step forward for Mötley Crüe, fans shouldn’t expect a full album anytime soon. Sixx confirmed that “Dogs Of War” is just one of three new tracks the band has recorded, and while there are no immediate plans for a larger release, the songs will likely surface throughout the year.

“We don’t know when they [the other two tracks] will come out,” Sixx stated, “but we’re really proud of all of them so they’ll probably all come out over this year. As far as next year is involved, we’re just not that far down the road in terms of recording songs and deciding what we’re going to do.”

Despite the wait for a full-fledged album, Mötley Crüe will be keeping their fans entertained with a summer tour that includes appearances at major festivals like Summerfest, Welcome To Rockville, and Festival d’été de Québec.

Meanwhile, Mötley Crüe co-founder and former guitarist Mick Mars recently released his debut solo album, The Other Side Of Mars, marking his first new music since departing the band in 2022 due to his battle with Ankylosing Spondylitis.