Sharon Osbourne Gave Ozzy An Ultimatum

Sharon Osbourne Gave Ozzy An Ultimatum | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

In a revealing interview with Reader’s Digest, Geezer Butler, the bassist of Black Sabbath, reflected on a pivotal moment in his life and the ultimatum that Sharon Osbourne, wife of Ozzy Osbourne, gave the legendary frontman during one of his solo tours. The musician shared a heart-rending decision he made for his son’s well-being and the subsequent challenge he faced with Sharon’s request.

Geezer Butler’s Heart-Wrenching Decision

Geezer Butler recalled a profound moment when his son, James, was born with a serious medical condition in 1984. Doctors presented a risky surgical option with a 50 percent chance of success. Seeking guidance, Butler turned to the heavens and, in a moment of uncertainty, witnessed a rainbow outside. Taking it as a sign, he made the heart-rending decision to proceed with the operation. The surgeries proved successful, and James recovered over time. Inspired by fatherly devotion, Butler took a temporary break from touring to support and care for his son.

“A rainbow helped me make a heart-rending decision. When my second son, James, was born in 1984, blood wasn’t flowing into his lungs properly. The doctors asked me if they could operate, but there was only a 50 percent chance of success.”

“It was a dark, rainy day outside, but as I asked God for some guidance, a rainbow appeared. The operation went ahead, and after several more operations, James was eventually OK. I took a couple of years off touring, as I didn’t want to leave James.”

Sharon’s Ultimatum – A Turning Point for Ozzy Osbourne

Upon rejoining Ozzy Osbourne on one of his solo tours, Geezer Butler faced a different environment, thanks to a significant intervention from Sharon Osbourne. Sharon issued an ultimatum to her husband, urging him to quit drugs and alcohol or risk losing her. Butler recalled the impact of Sharon’s request, saying:

“I eventually joined Ozzy on one of his solo tours. His wife, Sharon, had told him to stop taking drugs and drinking, or she’d leave him. To my relief, it was a very calm tour, after all I’d been through.”

This ultimatum marked a turning point in Ozzy’s long-term struggle with addiction, a battle that would continue to challenge the couple in the years to come.

Ups and Downs of the Osbourne Marriage

Sharon’s ultimatum in 2013 wasn’t the first time the couple faced a critical crossroads in their relationship due to Ozzy’s struggles with addiction.

According to a source cited by the National Enquirer magazine:

“He [Ozzy] can’t bear to live without her [Sharon]. But she’s warned him, no more sneaking around behind her back doing drugs or drinking. Any slip-ups, and she’s out of there.”

However, despite the ups and downs, the couple managed to repair their relationship and remain committed to one another. Sharon’s unwavering support and willingness to set clear boundaries for Ozzy’s behavior played a pivotal role in the couple’s journey towards reconciliation.