Eric Clapton Hated One Thing Brian May Did

Eric Clapton Hated One Thing Brian May Did | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a candid interview, legendary Queen guitarist Brian May recently opened up about his ‘Star Fleet Project,’ which included a track dedicated to none other than Eric Clapton. However, Clapton’s reaction to the tribute was far from what May had hoped for. Despite the critique, May holds deep admiration for Clapton, acknowledging his influence and inspiration throughout his own musical journey.

Brian May’s ‘Star Fleet Project’

In a recent interview, Brian May discussed his ‘Star Fleet Project’ and one particular track dedicated to Eric Clapton. Despite the heartfelt tribute, May candidly shared his perception of Clapton’s reaction to the song. He stated,

“I think he hated it! (laughs) But that’s okay; he’s entitled. He can do what he wants.”

The track, which Clapton found “horrible,” featured May and fellow guitarist Eddie Van Halen going head-to-head in solos. Clapton expressed disappointment in the recording, citing a lack of dynamics and sensitivity.

Clapton’s Honest Critique and May’s Admiration

Eric Clapton’s critique of the ‘Star Fleet Project’ track didn’t deter Brian May’s admiration for the guitar legend. Despite the unfavorable review, May continues to hold Clapton in high regard. He shared,

“He’s been one of the greatest influences, inspirations of my life, and that’ll never change.”

May acknowledged that there might be areas of disagreement between them but highlighted Clapton’s lasting impact on his musical journey. For May, the chance to play alongside Clapton was a profound and unforgettable experience, with the admiration remaining undiminished.

Celebrating the ‘Brian May Gold Series’

As Queen guitarist Brian May’s ‘Brian May + Friends: Star Fleet Sessions’ receives a worldwide Deluxe Edition release, fans have the opportunity to explore the dynamic and candid nature of May’s musical collaborations. The ‘Brian May Gold Series’ showcases May’s musical prowess and his interactions with other legendary artists, including Eric Clapton. Despite any differences in opinion, the mutual admiration and respect between these iconic guitarists exemplify the lasting legacy of musical inspiration they continue to leave in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.