Sammy Hagar’s “Ultimate Dream” Revealed

Sammy Hagar’s “Ultimate Dream” Revealed | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Sammy Hagar live in 2014 - Sammy Hagar / Youtube

Sammy Hagar has been performing for over 50 years, so he has likely passed all the milestones he set for himself. But, in a recent interview with Fox News, the singer revealed about his “ultimate dream” that he wants out of life.

“I’ve had so many dreams that I never dreamt come true,” the red rocker said. He then pointed out the dreams that did become true for him. “Of course, all I really dreamt about was someday being a rock star, rich, a famous guy, and being able to take care of my mother and my family well, have a beautiful home, beautiful cars. That was it. A gold record, maybe on the wall.”

He also pointed out that he’s addicted to success which is contagious. “It just keeps coming, and it keeps coming, and every door that opens just opens up a whole another door and another door, and it’s contagious,” he added. “Success is contagious. It’s what I’m addicted to. I make jokes about it all the time. It’s like, ‘How much money do you need?’ No, I don’t need any money. No, I’m all good. I just need more of that. I need to have an idea, see it come true and see another dream come true. And I live my dreams. When a dream comes true, my philosophy is you keep that dream, you live that dream, you can dream another one.”

Recently, Fox Nation and TMZ teamed up for Sammy Hagar’s Paradise, an inside look into Hagar’s 75th birthday and celebration of his musical and business achievements. The show goes into detail about his childhood, including the hardships he endured as a result of poverty and his father’s abuse. This interview served as a promotional tool for the show, which can be viewed on Fox Nation.