Sammy Hagar And The Circle Release New Song “Funky Feng Shui”

Sammy Hagar And The Circle Release New Song “Funky Feng Shui” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Sammy Hagar in a 2019 interview - JennyMcCarthyTV / Youtube

Sammy Hagar and his band The Circle isn’t letting the coronavirus pandemic stop them in making music.

Getting creative with their recording approach, the members used smartphones to record themselves in their respective locations. Hagar, drummer Jason Bonham, bassist Michael Anthony, and guitarist Vic Johnson worked together to bring the brand new song “Funky Feng Shui” to the light of day.

The caption on the Instagram video has Hagar saying, “The Circle will be doing more of this, it’s too much fun!” It goes on to detail how Jason Bonham challenged his bandmates to record “a jam they’d been playing backstage warming up for shows” to kill time in the midst of the coronavirus quarantine protocols. Bonham did his parts first, followed by Johnson’s guitars, then Anthony’s bass, and lastly Hagar’s vocals.

Hagar and The Circle were supposed to do a North American tour with Whitesnake and Night Ranger on July 9 in West Palm Beach, Florida, but it seems that Whitesnake might have to back out from the commitment following frontman David Coverdale’s upcoming hernia surgery.