Ronnie Van Zant Goes Hard Live With “Double Trouble” 1975

Ronnie Van Zant Goes Hard Live With “Double Trouble” 1975 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Youtube channel: Soundcheck24


Singing one of our favorite Skynyrd tunes, “Double Trouble,” Ronnie and the boys nail this live performance at the BBC televised Old Grey Whistle Test in 1975.

It would an understatement to call this “rare” in this sound and picture quality, so count your lucky stars!

“Double trouble–that’s what my friends all call me, (double trouble) I said, double trouble. T-r-o-u-b-l-e….”

Ronnie’s vocals are always on point, no doubt about that, but his voice in this set as he starts out the show, really had the crowd and his bandmates going.

Interesting Fact: Ronnie Van Zant, Collins, and Rossington all played together in high school in several different bands. Names included: Sons of Satan, Conqueror Worm, and One Per Cent.

It is always a treat to see a healthy and alive Ronnie Van Zant, but this performance is special to us for reasons unknown. Maybe it’s the quality of the video, maybe it’s just seeing his smiling face, but we love to see that Ronnie was enjoying himself doing what he loves.