Roger Waters Label Bon Jovi As A Pop Band

Roger Waters Label Bon Jovi As A Pop Band | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Roger Waters for the This is Not A Drill tour - Roger Waters / Youtube

In a recent video shared on his social media platform, Roger Waters, the renowned musician from Pink Floyd, made a straightforward assertion, labeling Bon Jovi as a pop band. The video served as a platform for Waters to discuss an open letter he had penned a few years ago, originally addressed to American broadcaster Howard Stern, and reiterated his characterization of Jon Bon Jovi as both a person and a pop group.

In the video, Waters provided context for the open letter

Explaining that it was a response to Stern’s reaction to a previous letter he had written to Bon Jovi. Waters emphasized his view of Bon Jovi as a pop band, stating,

“A few years ago, I wrote an open letter to Howard Stern. I don’t know if he’s still a well-known personality on American radio, but he may well be. It was in response to his response to a letter that I’d written to Bon Jovi, who is a person and a pop group who at the time were visiting Tell Aviv to play their rock and roll.”

The genesis of Waters’ open letter to Bon Jovi dates back to 2015

He criticized the band ahead of their concert in Tel Aviv, accusing them of aligning themselves closely with Israel. The former Pink Floyd bassist expressed disapproval of Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates, accusing them of standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Israel. Stern, in response, strongly criticized Waters during a seven-minute rant, leading to the question,

“What is with Roger Waters and the Jews?”

Following Bon Jovi’s performance in Israel, Roger Waters refrained from making additional comments on the band, and Jon Bon Jovi has not responded to the claims made by Waters.

The video shared by Roger Waters provides insight into the musician’s perspective and his ongoing sentiments towards Bon Jovi, shedding light on the backstory of an open letter that sparked controversy within the music community.

You can watch the complete video for more details.