Roger Waters Gets Back At People Who Limits His Freedom

Roger Waters Gets Back At People Who Limits His Freedom | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Roger Waters in an interview with John Hass - The Global Consortium for Sustainable Peace / Youtube

Rock legend Roger Waters is not one to shy away from controversy, and his recent speech addressing those who sought to limit his freedom is making waves. Waters, known for his vocal stance on various global issues, faced challenges in booking a hotel in Montevideo due to his views on the Palestine-Israel conflict.

In a recent Argentina show

Waters took the stage and addressed the incidents surrounding his accommodations in Montevideo with a powerful statement:

“There are people in this city who will not let me stay in a hotel. I just want to point out that there is a difference between the people who won’t give me a room at the inn and me. And the difference between them and me, and all the rest of the Israeli lobby, by the way, and me, the difference is I believe in universal human rights. To all my brothers and sisters, all over the world, in respect of their ethnicity, religion, or nationality.”

Waters’ speech, shared on X and later reshared by the rocker himself, carried a clear message:

“This is the only answer.”


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The hotel snub in Montevideo came as a result of Waters’ outspoken views on the Palestine-Israel war.

Both the Hyatt Centric Hotel and the Regency chain hotels refused to accommodate the musician. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his stay, Waters proceeded with his ‘This Is Not A Drill’ tour performance in Montevideo on November 17.

Earlier, Waters faced criticism and reportedly told fans to ‘f*ck off’ during a live show in London, where he premiered his album ‘Dark Side of the Moon Redux.’ Expressing frustration with the audience, he stated:

“If you want to tell stories, tell them in your own time to your own audience in your own fcking theatre. By the way, if you can show constraint and stop shouting again. Fck off.”

The live premiere of the album went on, but the attendance was lower than expected.

Watch his recent remark in the video below: