Roger Waters Fans Walk Out In Recent Show

Roger Waters Fans Walk Out In Recent Show | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Roger Waters / Youtube

Roger Waters, the renowned Pink Floyd rocker, faced a wave of frustration from fans during his recent performance in London. The concert, following the release of The Dark Side of the Moon Redux, Waters’ reinterpretation of Pink Floyd’s iconic 1973 album, took an unexpected turn, leaving many attendees disappointed.

During the show, Waters surprised the audience by reading from his unreleased autobiography for nearly an hour.

He shared anecdotes about his pets, including a duck named Donald, and delved into topics such as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Attempts to reminisce about Pink Floyd’s original leader, Syd Barrett, reportedly lacked depth.

As some fans began conversing among themselves, Waters grew agitated. He lashed out, stating,

“If you want to tell stories, tell them in your own time to your own audience in your own fing theatre,” and later told departing fans to “f off.”

Following the hour-long spoken-word segment, Waters performed “The Bar” and “Mother.” An intermission and a short film about the creation of The Dark Side of the Moon Redux preceded the delivery of the album’s 11 songs.

The frustration among fans might have stemmed from miscommunication, as the performance was advertised as having two segments: the first labeled as “Other Stuff” and the second featuring the complete performance of The Dark Side of the Moon Redux. Despite the controversy, some attendees remained pleased, giving Waters a standing ovation at the end of the show.

Waters, known for stirring controversy, faced criticism earlier in the year for wearing a Nazi-like costume during a concert in Berlin.

This incident led to investigations by German police and accusations of using antisemitic tropes. Waters has consistently defended himself, attributing the allegations of antisemitism to his support for Palestine.

The concert’s mixed reactions highlight Waters’ ability to evoke strong emotions from his audience, both through his music and his controversial choices on stage.