One Of The First Ever Fender Bass Made Found Underneath A Bed After 50 Years

One Of The First Ever Fender Bass Made Found Underneath A Bed After 50 Years | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Guitar World David Duggleby

In a tale that will make vintage guitar enthusiasts drool, a rare Fender Precision Bass, believed to be one of the first imported into the UK, has surfaced after spending more than half a century stowed under its owner’s bed. Now, this extraordinary find is set to go under the hammer in England.

The Fender Precision Bass, affectionately known as the P-Bass, is a legendary instrument that played a pivotal role in the evolution of modern music.

This particular bass guitar, considered one of the first to be imported into the United Kingdom from the US, has an intriguing history.

Originally produced in October 1951, the Precision Bass underwent several revisions throughout the 1950s. In 1957, it received significant updates, including the now-familiar split-coil pickup, Stratocaster-style headstock, bridge-mounted strings, and one-piece pickguard, shaping it into the iconic P-Bass known today.

(Image credit: David Duggleby)

The story of this bass begins in 1962 when Trevor Parker, a bakery van delivery driver from Hull, wanted to acquire a P-Bass for his new band, The Rascals.

Parker went to his local guitar store, Pat Cornell’s Music Shop in Hull, hoping they could import one for him. Remarkably, they succeeded in acquiring this specific instrument, marking the beginning of its musical journey.

Parker and The Rascals enjoyed significant success in the 1960s, supporting acts like Elton John and sharing stages with renowned bands such as The Moody Blues. After retiring from the band in 1969, Parker stored the P-Bass away, where it remained until now.

(Image credit: David Duggleby)

The bass, now weathered and bearing the marks of years on the stage, is in a condition that speaks volumes about its history.

The wear and tear on the sunburst finish, the aged maple neck, and the battered hard case all tell a story of countless performances.

Following Parker’s passing in 2017, the bass is set to be auctioned in Scarborough, UK. Alongside photographs and recordings of The Rascals, this lost gem is expected to fetch up to $6,000.

This rediscovered P-Bass joins the ranks of other lost instruments that have resurfaced, surprising the music world. Each discovery adds another layer to the rich tapestry of musical history, reminding us of the treasures that might be hidden in the most unexpected places.

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