Roger Daltrey Shares His Mic Swinging Technique To Brian Johnson

Roger Daltrey Shares His Mic Swinging Technique To Brian Johnson | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Roger Daltrey tells Brian Johnson why he began swinging his mic at gigs – Brian Johnson TV / YouTube

Don’t you just love it when a legend shares all his secrets and experiences for an interview?

Back in the days when Roger Daltrey does an outstanding performance, he would often swing his microphone above his head in a helicopter manner, an iconic symbol of how passionate he is on-stage. So when Brian Johnson asked him for an interview about this for his series called A Life On The Road, the Who’s lead singer began to express excitement and began to reminisce. Daltrey’s mic swinging technique was a thing he discovered when he was performing a song in front of the audience, and now the rest is history.

Brian Johnson also admitted to trying Daltrey’s trademark, but the AC/DC singer couldn’t quite grasp the movement like how Roger does it. Nevertheless, the two shared Daltrey’s confession about how he once used the technique as a way for hitting someone from the audience. In his defense, the person he did it to struck Roger first, throwing a sharpened copper penny that hit the singer just above his right eye. If that ain’t a good reason for throwing your swinging mic.

You can check out the clip here.