Roger Daltrey Completes Movie Script for Keith Moon

Roger Daltrey Completes Movie Script for Keith Moon | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Roger Daltrey tells Brian Johnson why he began swinging his mic at gigs – Brian Johnson TV / YouTube

Who wouldn’t go see a film adaptation of the late Keith Moon’s life story? The iconic drummer for the hard rock gods of Britain, The Who, lived the classic rock star life: massive success, acclaim, drug misuse, hotel ruin, and more wonderful stories than can ever be proven or recounted. Lucky for us, his former bandmate and The Who vocalist Roger Daltrey that the script regarding his life is finally finished.

Daltrey sounds adamant in a recent interview with Vulture that production on the Moon movie has resumed. In a recent interview, Daltrey said, “I just finished a script, and I’m hoping to do my biopic of Keith within the next couple of years. I’m very pleased with the script. I want people to get an understanding of him and his life, and the complete genius he was. He had so much talent, that boy, but he became out of control for a lot of reasons. Mostly for lack of discipline. But once the drugs kick in, usually that disappears, doesn’t it?”

While discussing the status of the Moon biopic, Daltrey revealed that Mike Myers was previously attached to the project and provided some context for how long he’s been trying to get it off the ground.

“We were trying to get the film off the ground,” Daltrey continued. “I think Mike, when he was younger, would’ve made a fabulous Keith. It’s a shame it never happened. I’m driven by this project. It came to me in a dream 30 years ago.”

Whether the Keith Moon biopic will come through, it’s only up for the movie gods to decide.