David Crosby Apologized To Graham Nash Before He Died

David Crosby Apologized To Graham Nash Before He Died | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via CBS Sunday Morning / Youtube

David Crosby tried to reach out to his old bandmate Graham Nash about a week before he passed away to make amends.

Nash revealed how Crosby reached out in an interview with AARP. “The fact is that we were getting a little closer at the end. [Crosby] had sent me a voicemail saying that he wanted to talk to apologize, and could we set up a time to talk. I emailed him back and said, ‘OK, call me at 11 o’clock tomorrow your time, which is two o’clock on the East Coast.’ He never called, and then he was gone.”

Crosby, who notoriously had fights with all of his CSNY bandmates, said he “let all three of those men down” in an interview with Howard Stern in 2016. Since Neil Young stopped talking to him after Crosby attacked his then-girlfriend and now-wife Daryl Hannah in 2016, Crosby has said that he only stays in touch with Stephen Stills. At the same time, Crosby said, “Nash seems to think that I’m responsible for everything wrong since the Korean War.”

“He was a very intelligent man. I wouldn’t put it past him to know that he was actually at the very end,” Nash admitted when asked if his former bandmate’s days were numbered. “The truth is … we’ve been expecting David to pass for 20 years.”