“Rocketman” Soundtrack Will Feature A New Duet Track From Elton John And Taron Egerton

“Rocketman” Soundtrack Will Feature A New Duet Track From Elton John And Taron Egerton | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Elton John and Taron Egerton performs Tiny Dancer for the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Elton John / Youtube

A recent announcement for the upcoming Rocketman musical biopic of Elton John suggests a collaboration track between Taron Egerton (who plays Elton John in the movie) and John himself, will be joining the ranks of the rumored 22-song soundtrack. “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” is hinted to be played as the ending credits track, since it is listed as the last track on the biopic’s lineup.

With Giles Martin at the helm for producing most of the movie’s soundtrack, “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” is a collaboration between Martin and Greg Kurstin. Interscope confirms that the song was exclusively written for Rocketman, making it a candidate for a Best Song Oscar. The movie also prides itself in a fresh take of Elton John’s classics by redoing the tracks whole, and not just a karaoke of John’s backing tracks.

“It was so important that the music I composed and recorded had to be sung by Taron,” Elton John emphasized. “I left Taron in the hands of Giles Martin, who I trusted implicitly because he’s brilliant. I didn’t want to be in Taron’s shadows, watching over the process, I trusted them to do what they needed to do, artistically, and listening back I’ve been astonished with the results.”

While Egerton is credited as the sole vocalist for most of the movie’s tracks, his co-actors have contributions to seven of them as well. Kit Connor (who plays a young Elton), Gemma Jones, Bryce Dallas Howard (who portrays the singer’s mother) and Steven Mackintosh performs in “I Want Love”. Rachel Muldoon also contributes in “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart”, among other actors.

Meanwhile, Egerton’s rendition of “Rocket Man became available for sale on the 1st of May, as well as a teaser for the upcoming biopic. The album compilation will be released on the 24th of May, a good week before the movie hits theaters, while the film will be premiering in the Cannes Film Festival this 14th of May.

While the Elton John/Taron Egerton track isn’t released yet, you can know what to expect with their collaboration for “Tiny Dancer“.