Rock Legends React To Death Of Alex Trebek

Rock Legends React To Death Of Alex Trebek | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Alex Trebek, Jeopard! host dies at 80 - ABC News / Youtube

Alex Trebek, the longtime game show host for Jeopardy!, has passed away on November 8 at the age of 80. Trebek had been battling stage four pancreatic cancer, which he first revealed in March 2019.

Trebek was well-loved by the people thanks to his fast wit, obvious intelligence, and charming personality, making for an impressive 36-year run on the show. With his passing, messages of support and appreciation poured out on social media – our favorite rockers sending a handful of them.

KISS co-founder Paul Stanley expressed his grief, saying: “RIP Alex Trebek. Thank you for making knowledge approachable, accessible and fun for so many. I can’t imagine you gone.” It can be remembered that Trebek put KISS makeup on 2018 as a part of their Halloween special, appearing alongside Gene Simmons, who was also in full KISS regalia.

Modern guitar whiz Tom Morello honored Trebek, saying: “Rest In Peace, Alex Trebek. A brilliant educator and fixture of our lives for decades he made everyone who watched Jeopardy happier and smarter. Thank you.”

Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath was saddened with the news of his passing, saying that Jeopardy! was “an institution” in his house. “7pm will never be the same,” he added.

Warrant expressed gratitude to Trebek “for all the great entertainment and education you provided all of us fans with,” noting that “the Big Game Show in the sky just got a whole lot better.” Vernon Reid of Living Colours honored Trebek and said: “Game. Show. LEGEND.”