Robert Plant’s 10 Favorite Songs Throughout His Life

Robert Plant’s 10 Favorite Songs Throughout His Life | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Robert Plant in an interview - q on cbc / Youtube

Robert Plant embodies the archetype of a “rock god,” and what sort of traits does one have, then become a big fan of the genre? With his curly blonde hair, charming looks, and a voice that’s cut above the rest, Plant is a superior frontman to all the frontmen combined. Even Freddie Mercury could testify to that.

But his love for music didn’t happen overnight. In his childhood, he was extremely fascinated by the blues and folk songs of the Americans, and he shared this fascination with fellow Led Zeppelin member, Jimmy Page. The likes of Howlin’ Wolf, Ray Charles, The Phantom, and Elvis Presley opened the young Robert Plant to the amazing world of musical performance, and not singing only for singing’s sake. They taught them how to be versatile across different genres, something that the singer remained exploring until now.

Probably a shocking entry on Plant’s all-time favorite song list is the unnerving the Cure song, “Lullaby.” “Lullaby” was praised by Plant for its authenticity and rawness. “I love Robert Smith’s beckoning you into his vulnerability. It’s an interesting little world,” he told Q Magazine.

Although never an avid talker of Led Zeppelin’s back catalog, Plant still has a soft spot for “Kashmir,” labeling the song as “Perfect Zeppelin” one. He even told Q that he wished the people would praise more of “Kashmir’s” supremacy than the classic hit “Stairway to Heaven.”

There wouldn’t be a Robert Plant that we know of today if it weren’t for the songs presented below. Take a look at them.

  • “Kashmir” – Led Zeppelin

  • “Love Me” – The Phantom

  • “Swift as the Wind” – The Incredible String Band

  • “A Big Hunk O’Love” – Elvis Presley

  • “Goin’ Down Slow” – Howlin’ Wolf

  • “Introduce Yourself” – Faith No More

  • “What I’d Say” – Ray Charles

  • “Travelling Riverside Blues” – Robert Johnson

  • “Lullaby” – The Cure

  • “Song to the Siren” – This Mortal Coil