Robert Plant Revisits His Cover Of Tim Buckley Classic In Podcast

Robert Plant Revisits His Cover Of Tim Buckley Classic In Podcast | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Diggin Deep Season 3 - Robert Plant / Youtube

Robert Plant reminisces his 2002 rendition of Tim Buckley’s classic, “Song To The Siren”, on the newest installment of the recently renewed third season of his podcast series, Digging Deep.

The song was originally released by Buckley in 1970, which then appeared on Plant’s seventh solo album, Dreamland – which was also the first with his band, Strange Sensation.

“Some songs weave in and out of history, surfacing with different singers, in new versions and interpreted in different ways; each adds something new to the layers of meaning around the original,” written on the preview of the podcast episode. “The beautiful ‘Song to The Siren’ is one of them. Originally written by folk hero Tim Buckley, over the years it has been recorded by Sinead O’Connor, Sheila Chandra, and This Mortal Coil. In this episode, Robert explains why, and how he approaches performing a vocal for such a famous song…”

The said podcast series returned bringing good news: Plant will be releasing a new anthology called Digging Deep: Subterranea on October 2. The limited-edition release features a 2CD set with over 3o songs from Plant’s career, including previously-unheard cuts like “Charlie Patton Highway (Turn It Up – Part 1)”, “Nothing Takes The Place of You”, and “Too Much Alike”, with Patty Griffin onboard.