Ringo Starr’s Evolution On Photos

Ringo Starr’s Evolution On Photos | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ringo Starr live in 2009 - DrSalvadoctopus / Youtube

Ringo Starr, or Richard Starkey (whichever you prefer), completed the final lineup of the Beatles. Coming in some time in August 1962, Starr replaced Pete Best just as they planned a debut with “Love Me Do”. Starr’s click track of a rhythm – along with some certain quirks and styles – made the Fab Four’s sound cohesive. He was perfect for simple songs, as well as more sophisticated arrangements like “A Day In The Life”, “Rain”, and “In My Life”.

While he was mostly tasked with work on the kit, Starr also contributed vocals on some of the band’s well-loved songs, like “Boys”, “Act Naturally“, and “With a Little Help From My Friends”. Starr also “starred” in films and was involved to some degree in the visual arts, when he participated in The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, and most importantly, Help!, where the plot was centered around him. After his stint with the band, he threw in some occasional acting chops into the mix, with films like Son Of Dracula, Caveman, and the children’s show, Shining Time Station, heralding the arrival of Thomas the Tank Engine.

With that, here is Ringo Starr’s evolution in photos throughout the years.