REO Speedwagon Impressed By “Take It on the Run” Cover

REO Speedwagon Impressed By “Take It on the Run”  Cover | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Samantha Howell as she auditions with REO Speedwagon's "Take It On The Run" - The Voice / YouTube

On the NBC show, The Voice, 19-year-old contestant Samantha Howell belted out her own version of REO Speedwagon’s No. 5 classic, “Take It On The Run” for her audition run. This impressed the coaches, the audience, and even the band itself.

Kelly Clarkson immediately pushed the button on Howell even as she was just starting her performance, blocking Blake Shelton from having a go at potentially coaching her. Nick Jonas also pushed his button just as Howell was finishing her number, prompting a “duel” between Clarkson and Jonas for her coaching rights.

“I get one block for this entire season and I used it, girl, for you. … I heard literally a millisecond of your voice to know that I was in,” said Clarkson. She also chided that Howell shouldn’t make eye contact with Jonas because his attractiveness might sway her to go under his wing.

“You were phenomenal,” Jonas said. “Listen, I agree. It’s exciting to have a country singer, right? But I don’t think you’re limited to that. … Your voice hit me in an emotional spot ’cause I was thinking back to my first dance at my wedding. We danced to “I Hope You Dance,” one of my favorite songs of all time, and your voice has all the qualities; well, you would nail that song.”

Samantha Howell chose Kelly Clarkson in the end.

REO Speedwagon also took notice of the performance, taking to their Twitter page to show their amusement. “Hi friends,” the band tweeted, “so ‘Take It on the Run’ has been covered by a number of singers over the years, but last night’s performance by young @samanthah0well on @NBCTheVoice blows them all away…by a country mile!”