Genesis Reunion On The Way?

Genesis Reunion On The Way? | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Genesis live in 1973 - A G / Youtube

The prog-rock legends may be gearing to reunite.

Genesis is anticipated to play a series of arena shows across the UK if this reunion is realized. It will also mark the band’s first show together in the span of 13 years. The band is known for their hits like “No Reply at All,” “Invisible Touch,” “I Can’t Dance” and “Throwing It All Away”, and last played together in 2007 in commemoration of their 40th anniversary.

The band was originally formed in 1967 and had several lineup overhauls, with lead singer Peter Gabriel’s departure being one of the most notable of them all. Phil Collins took over vocal work as well as drums, where he steered them to a more pop-oriented sound. According to reports by Sun, Gabriel will not be attending these shows. The ex-Genesis frontman previously said that him returning to the fold would be “outside department of the betting shop.” Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks will join Collins in the reunion, however. Collins also noted that he would only return to the band if his son was to play the drums for them.