Relive The Good Times In 1993 With Van Halen’s 5150 Studio Sessions

Relive The Good Times In 1993 With Van Halen’s 5150 Studio Sessions | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Muts' EVH Tribute 1000% / Youtube

Van Halen’s 5150 album became the start of something new for the band, after all, their frontman David Lee Roth left and pursued a solo career afterward. It took some time for Eddie Van Halen to replace Roth, but when he did, it was all worth it.

Upon the recommendation of Eddie’s mechanic, the legendary guitarist went to one of Montrose’s concerts where he first saw the blond frontman named Sammy Hagar. The two hit it off really well, and Eddie was impressed with Hagar’s talents that he subsequently asked him to be a part of Van Halen, to which Hagar agreed.

The first of four albums that Van Halen would release with Hagar is their 7th album, 5150. Unlike the band’s usual hard rock sound, 5150 is driven with a notable number of love songs and ballads. It was then that the people started calling them “Van Hagar,” due to Hagar’s influence to the group’s sound and style during his stay.

Studio recording during the 5150 album were remarkable and fun, with the video below a mere proof of that. We can see the musicians toying around their instruments, talking, and cracking jokes. It’s that one video worth seeing if you long for something authentic and entertaining Van Halen session.