Relive Steve Perry’s 1994 Amazing New York Concert

Relive Steve Perry’s 1994 Amazing New York Concert | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Matthew Dalley / Youtube

Steve Perry’s solo career blossomed at the mid-80s and mid-90s, right where Journey was still up for his grabs. When his mother felt ill and died, he decided to leave his band first and decided to release some solo records. His second studio album, For the Love of Strange Medicine was successful partly due to the success of the tour that came along with it.

The video presented below shows us another side of Perry that cannot be viewed through the Journey lenses. Standing all on his own, he provided the crowd what they wanted in the first place – the singing prowess of “The Voice.” Performing at the Beacon Theatre in New York back in Nov. 1994, Perry sung originals, as well as Journey classics.

You know it’s a great show when the audience couldn’t get enough of the singer! His voice, still as marvelous and as intact as it was before, could blow your mind. It’s sad that we never get to see him perform as much as he did before, but we’re fortunate enough to have known someone as great and as charismatic as Steve Perry.

You can watch Steve Perry’s full concert here.