Relive Chris Cornell Interviewing Jimmy Page Onstage

Relive Chris Cornell Interviewing Jimmy Page Onstage | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Jimmy Page and Chris Cornell in 2014 - Guitar World / Youtube

Titled An Evening with Jimmy Page in Conversation with Chris Cornell, the November 12, 2014 event had the Audioslave/Soundgarden frontman talk about the Led Zeppelin legend about his new autobiography/photo book called Jimmy Page, which comprehensively details the guitarist’s trailblazing career.

The two musicians eased themselves as the conversation went on, with Page responding to the pictures selected by Cornell beforehand, telling the story behind each snap. One memorable capture was during Page’s session musician days, where he was depicted working with the ex-Rolling Stones member Brian Jones as they worked on the soundtrack for the Anita Pallenberg film Degree of Murder, which never saw the light of day. Page was spotted on the picture using a violin bow on his instrument, which would be a prophetic moment for the guitarist as he used the same technique for the live performance of “Dazed and Confused”.

Page also discussed the origins of Led Zeppelin after his time with the Yardbirds after Cornell showed a photo of the guitarist and fellow Yardbird Jeff Beck. The iconic rocker also went on to give juicy bits of information to the audience, which held even those well-versed in the band’s history in awe. One memorable shot was that of the band’s final tour, just shy of John Bonham’s death. “The magic in Led Zeppelin was the dynamic between the four of us. Losing one-fourth of the band was like losing the whole thing,” Page shared.

Watch the clips below to relive the entire interaction.