Relive 5 Songs From Mott the Hoople

Relive 5 Songs From Mott the Hoople | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Mott The Hoople live in 1974 - Emma0815007 / Youtube

Mott the Hoople was struggling with their boogie-blues run and was about to close shop when the then-rising glam rock icon David Bowie took notice of their plight and offered help. Bowie already had his eye on the band early on, so he offered up the song “Suffragette City” but was turned down. Finally, “All The Young Dudes” was something up their alley, which the band accepted and became their shot in the dark. With that, here are some of the most memorable records from Mott the Hoople.

“Hymn For The Dudes” – Mott (1973)

This track became the anchor point of their self-produced follow-up to their breakthrough album. Sporting some gospel and spiritual influences in the arrangement, “Hymn For The Dudes” is a solid song from start to finish.

“Roll Away The Stone” – The Hoople (1974)

The band was never the same when Mick Ralphs left them to form Bad Company, but at least he left them with “Roll Away The Stone”, which was one of The Hoople’s best cuts.  It’s quite ironic that the official take on the song was the version they did with new guitarist Ariel Bender.

“The Golden Age Of Rock n’ Roll” – The Hoople (1974)

The golden age, indeed. One of the most masterfully-crafted songs in their final catalog, “The Golden Age of Rock n’ Roll” has newcomer Ariel Bender show off his guitar chops, while Ian Hunter gives a proper send-off performance with his vocals.

“Honaloochie Boogie” – Mott (1973)

Mott The Hoople’s own organic comeback with 1973’s “Honaloochie Boogie”. This pop-influenced track is just the right amount of mainstream as it is sprinkled with their glam-rock nuances seamlessly.

“All The Young Dudes” – All The Young Dudes (1972)

David Bowie became some sort of savior for the band when he stepped in with “All The Young Dudes”. It was Mott the Hoople’s ticket out of desperation, which quickly gained acclaim and became a glam rock anthem.