Ranking The Best John Mellencamp Albums

Ranking The Best John Mellencamp Albums | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Johnny Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp, John Mellencamp. Call him whatever you want, the tried-and-tested roots rocker is the epitome of the daily struggles of life, and its accompanying moments that make all worth the while. John Mellencamp is a milestone in rock music, providing continuity in the sensibilities of life laid through music. His instrumentation was as bizarre as the contrast he provided between his lyrics and arrangements, which proved to be effective in getting the message across. In a span of four decades of ups and downs, here are some of John Mellencamp’s greatest catalogs ever.

“No Better Than This” – 2010

Mellencamp seemed to be on a creative streak, as he wrote all 13 tracks of the album in the same number of days. Using rustic recorders and a vintage mic, Mellencamp was able to turn thoughts into magic, with the help of producer T-Bone Burnett as well. “Better Than This” contained some of his most grittiest and bluntest sentiments on record.

“Human Wheels” – 1993

One of John Mellencamp’s most balanced catalogs, “Human Wheels” effectively captures the rock-driven sound carried on by the momentum of his previous works. Starting to delve with heavier themes, Mellencamp incorporated mellowness by way of RnB influences, countering the grit of the rock infused tracks.

“Uh-Huh” – 1983

The simple arrangements of this catalog, paired with Mellencamp’s stinging, close-to-home songwriting, resonated with the people so well that it went on to be one of the most liberating material Mellencamp has ever mustered to churn out. This was also the era where he donned his real name, ditching the moniker for a more authentic approach to music.


“The Lonesome Jubilee” – 1987

This is John Mellencamp coming to terms with the cycle of life, not only in the music industry, but reality as well. Using bizarre instruments like the hammered dulcimer, and accordion, Mellencamp turned the album into a musical wonderland, with lyrics that reflected the stark wastelands of life.

“Scarecrow” – 1985

Methodically manufactured to be a hit album, “Scarecrow” was the product of reinvigorating Mellencamp’s artistry and intent into the mold that all great hits came from: the past. Using this inspiration, Mellencamp was able to come up with tracks that reflected the various scenes of American life effectively, slingshot aimed at success.