Queen Revives “I Was Born To Love You” In Video Series

Queen Revives “I Was Born To Love You” In Video Series | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In the latest episode of the weekly series The Greatest Live, Queen has delighted fans by reviving the fan-favorite “I Was Born To Love You.” The iconic band, now performing with Adam Lambert, has been treating audiences to rare performances of cult songs during their tours over the past decade.

At the Summer Sonic Festival in 2014, held in Japan, Queen + Adam Lambert unleashed a high-energy rendition of “I Was Born To Love You,” receiving an enthusiastic reception from a nation that holds the song close to its heart.

While many bands face the challenge of having too many hits, Queen’s post-millennium setlists have explored less familiar corners of their extensive catalogue.

“I Was Born To Love You” holds a special place in the hearts of Japanese fans. Originally released on Freddie Mercury’s 1985 solo album, “Mr. Bad Guy,” the song was later reworked for Queen’s posthumous 1995 release, “Made In Heaven.”

For Western audiences, the track is a cult gem, but in Japan, it has a unique significance. The roots of Japan’s love affair with Queen trace back to the band’s inaugural visit in April 1975. However, the nation truly fell for the power ballad in 1996 when it featured in a TV commercial for Japanese-brewed Kirin beer. The single became their first song to enter the Japanese charts since 1977. In 2004, it was used as the opening for the successful ice hockey-themed TV drama series Pride, solidifying its position as one of the band’s most popular tracks in Japan.


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The Summer Sonic Festival in 2014 marked a triumphant return for Queen + Adam Lambert to Japan, with a showstopping rendition of “I Was Born To Love You.”

Adam’s energetic dash through the crowd during Brian’s finger-tapped guitar solo added to the spectacle, making it one of the most rapturously received headlining acts at Summer Sonic.

Promoter and music executive Kaz Utsunomiya compared the festival to Glastonbury, stating,

“I’ve seen many festivals, but everyone I talk to, including fans and record company people, say that was the biggest ending act of any Summer Sonic…”

Brian May, Queen’s guitarist, shared his obsession with the song, stating,

“I had an obsession with the song, and had the idea to make a new version, simulating how it would have sounded if we had been able to play it live with Freddie on stage.” The Queen version was crafted as a ‘virtual’ live track, using Freddie’s spectacular vocal as the central thread. Years later, the opportunity arose to bring this arrangement to life on a real stage with Adam Lambert.

Queen + Adam Lambert is set to launch a 5-date Japanese tour on February 4, starting in Nagoya. Fans can add some Queen to their collection here.