Believe It Or Not Axl Rose Has Good Guy Moments – Watch

Believe It Or Not Axl Rose Has Good Guy Moments – Watch | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Axl Rose, often recognized for his unique singing style and sometimes controversial persona, is getting a new perspective in a recently published book. Craig Duswalt, who served as the personal assistant to the Guns N’ Roses singer during the early 1990s, has shared his memoirs of touring with the band, shedding light on Axl Rose’s compassionate side.

In an interview with MyGNRForum, Duswalt, who remains in touch with his former boss, described Axl Rose as a “caring and compassionate” individual.

Despite Axl’s public image, Duswalt revealed that the singer had been incredibly supportive to him and his family. Recounting a touching moment after a Guns N’ Roses concert in 2006, Duswalt shared,

“Axl was very good to me and my family. I last saw GNR at Universal Amphitheater in 2006, and the show was amazing. After the concert, my friends and I were invited backstage to Axl’s dressing room. Usually my wife Natasha would have come, but she had been diagnosed with cancer and was going through chemo and didn’t have the strength to go to the show. I go back to Axl’s personal area, and Axl gives me a hug, and the first thing out of his mouth was ‘How’s Natasha?’ That is exactly who Axl Rose is.”


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Duswalt, emphasizing that his upcoming book won’t be a tell-all expose, also shared a poignant moment from Axl’s career.

Reflecting on a significant concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Duswalt recalled,

“When I was on the road with him, one of the biggest concerts we played was the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I remember him saying, after he walked off the stage, that he felt he had ‘made it.’ His dream was always to play the Rose Bowl.”

These insights into Axl Rose’s personal and professional life challenge the conventional perceptions of the rockstar.

For those curious to witness Axl’s “good guy” moments, a compilation video has been uploaded by Rock N’ Roll True Stories on YouTube.

Dive into the softer side of Axl Rose and watch the video below: