Pink Floyd Had Another Pick Aside From David Gilmour

Pink Floyd Had Another Pick Aside From David Gilmour | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via David Gilmour / Youtube

It’s safe to say that we couldn’t imagine Pink Floyd without David Gilmour anymore. When Syd Barrett’s mental health declined rapidly, the band needed to find a new replacement for him, ultimately hiring Gilmour to fulfill Barrett’s duties as a singer and guitarist.

It has been said, however, that Gilmour was not the band’s initial candidate to take Barrett’s position. It has been reported that the band has publicly sought the services of none other than Jeff Beck, of which David Gilmour himself would admit later on.

 “Yes, that’s right. I’m not sure they contacted him. But they considered calling him,” Gilmour revealed in a 2002 interview. “They always said they would have loved to recruit Jeff. He’s an amazing guitarist. But I don’t know if he would have been perfect for this job. We’ll never know. But the story would have been quite different.”

Jeff Beck, being one of the greatest musicians of all time, it isn’t a surprise that Pink Floyd would seek his greatness. As an innovator, he became an inspiration to many and is also frequently cited as an influence on several artists.

Even though Gilmour has proven so much as a member, the idea of having such a legendary musician join one of the most important rock bands of all time is worth the thrill.