Paul McCartney Thought He’d Frighten A Woman To Death

Paul McCartney Thought He’d Frighten A Woman To Death | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Accidents are always around the corner, but it’s a whole new different conversation if it will cost someone else’s life. Even if everything goes as planned for the performance, concert-goers are still putting themselves in danger by waiting in lengthy lines, standing for extended periods, and maybe being injured by the surprises the musicians have in store. The latter become the case with Paul McCartney when he once held a concert with so much explosive antics that he thought he’d almost frighten a woman to death.

Before we delve deep into the discussion, we’ll give you first the context needed to set the stage. In 1973, McCartney composed “Live and Let Die” 1973 for a Bond movie of the same name he thought of as an achievement as he’d secretly always wanted to score a James Bond film. In composing the song, Paul envisioned a message of acceptance and acceptance of death.

Yet, whenever he performs the song onstage, he wanted to capture the exact authenticity of the film. And so, Paul, together with his group Wings, include Bond-related elements into the live rendition of “Live and Let Die” which included pyrotechnics and explosions in their concerts to make them more James Bond-like. The song has been a staple in Macca’s live performances for decades after its first release, no matter who he’s playing with. As this familiar music starts, his fans would expect a dazzling display of pyrotechnics.

Yet, Paul was concerned that these antics would cause the death of an audience member during a single performance.

“One night I noticed a very old woman in the front row, and I thought, ‘Oh s***, we’re going to kill her,’” McCartney wrote in his book, The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present.But there was no stopping, I couldn’t stop the song and say, ‘Cover your ears, love!’ So when it came to that line, I looked away. Live and let…’ BOOM! And I looked back at her; she hadn’t died after all. She was grinning from ear to ear and loving it.”

Thankfully, no one was injured in that event, and perhaps that woman in turn had one of the greatest moments in her life by watching a remarkable performance delivered by the legend himself. You can check out how explosive the song “Live and Let Die” is by watching the video below.