Keith Richards Reveal His 5 Favorite Songs

Keith Richards Reveal His 5 Favorite Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The American blues have long been credited as an influence on the Rolling Stones’ music. The rock legends wouldn’t be the same without the blues masters like Muddy Waters, Little Richard, and many more from whom they learned their craft. While the Stones have made great strides in developing their unique sound, they have never been bashful about acknowledging the music that served as an inspiration. Keith Richards, the Stones’ legendary guitarist, once revealed his favorite songs of all time in a series of interviews. You can check the compilation here.


Gregory Isaacs: “Extra Classic” (1977)

Richards likened this Gregory Isaacs classic to a wonderful time he lived during his stay in Jamaica. “Gregory Isaacs, well many many years I lived in Jamaica and I’ve always thought that Gregory was one of the best songwriters that came out of that island and a sweet singer. There was a sense in the seventies in Jamaica that gave me a reminder of the early sixties in England, that something was happening.”

The Beatles: “Please Please Me” (1963)

Despite being pictured by the press as longstanding rivals, The Beatles and Rolling Stones are pretty much close friends who make each other the best. To confirm their camaraderie, Richards revealed that he always mentions to McCartney that “Please Please Me” is his favorite. “I just love the chimes, and I was there at the time, and it was beautiful. Mind you, there’s plenty of others, but if I’ve got to pick one, ‘Please Please Me,” Richards explained.

Vivaldi: “The Four Seasons” (1725)

It’s unexpected for a blues rock musician to name a classical song as his favorite, but not quite surprising. “I was agonizing about this as Mozart was my man,” Richards stated. “But I found out, while reading some of his letters, that the only good word he had to say about any composer in the world was Vivaldi.”

Billie Holiday: “He’s Funny That Way” (1953)

One of Richards’ favorite songs is “He’s Funny That Way” by Billie Holiday. The guitarist also explained how his mother’s admiration of jazz-influenced him and his preferences in music. “My mother, she loved jazz: she loved Sarah Vaughan, Billy Eckstine, and Duke Ellington, and that’s what was around the house. There’s a lot of blues in jazz. And so, in a way, it was in the bones before I actually got to hear country blues – I already felt familiar with it.”

Muddy Waters: “Rollin’ Stone” (1950)

What would the Stones be, without the legendary blues musician Muddy Waters? Waters practically became the blueprint of the Stones’ repertoire, especially in the early years. Moreover, Waters’ “Rollin’ Stone” served as Rolling Stones’ inspiration when they named their group.