Paul McCartney Proves His Vocal Abilities In 1991 MTV Unplugged

Paul McCartney Proves His Vocal Abilities In 1991 MTV Unplugged | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Nico Grimaldi / Youtube

Check out Paul McCartney’s iconic performance at the 1991 MTV Unplugged, and you would know why the musician is so legendary. The footage of the live concert can be viewed below.

MTV’s Unplugged is an avenue for musicians and bands to showcase their talents live and to perform their songs on an acoustic version. With the music show only began airing in November 1989, it was a surreal moment for a former Beatle to grace his presence on its center stage, and let us tell you, it is all worth it.

Recorded at the Limehouse Studios in Wembley London, McCartney’s appearance on the said show marked a key moment that made the show so extremely famous. After recently conducting a world tour and finishing it, McCartney went and share his talents with the same band that he did his tour with Linda McCartney, Hamish Stuart, Robbie McIntosh, Paul Wickens, and Blair Cunningham.

Unlike other artists, McCartney’s performance was the real definition of unplugged: with no amplifiers being used. What they did was they used a variety of microphones to capture all the vocals and instruments.

Below is the musician’s official setlist.

“Mean Woman Blues”


“Midnight Special”

“I Lost My Little Girl”

“Here, There And Everywhere”

“San Francisco Bay Blues”

“We Can Work It Out”

“Blue Moon Of Kentucky”

“I’ve Just Seen A Face”

“Every Night”


“She’s A Woman”

“And I Love Her”

“The Fool”

“Things We Said Today”

“That Would Be Something”


“Hi-Heel Sneakers”

“Good Rockin’ Tonight”


“Ain’t No Sunshine”

“We Can Work It Out”

“Singing The Blues”


Check it out here.