Paul McCartney: George Harrison’s Dad Was A Hero

Paul McCartney: George Harrison’s Dad Was A Hero | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paul McCartney - Mezatrol University /YouTube

It’s quite pleasing to know the Beatles’ lives before they were what they are right now. Among these throwback moments were Paul McCartney and George’s Harrison’s life inside the school, as they were friends already even before they started their careers. In an interview, Paul shared something hilarious and unforgettable about George’s dad that made him a hero at their school.

Back in the days, Paul and his mates were quite the troublemakers at school, or at least that’s what their teachers think they were. Occasionally, they were caned as punishment whenever they’d do something crazy or they were being naughty. Paul then shared a story about a time when George was caned at school, and the teacher nearly missed his palms, so the cane hit his wrists and gave Harrison red rashes.

After school, George and his father were having a cup of tea when he saw George’s wrist, so his son told him everything. The next day, Mr. Harrison went to their school and ask for the teacher who caned his son. When the teacher came and admitted what he did to George, George’s father hit him immediately, and all the kids at school looked at Harrison’s father like a hero after that.

On another note, when Paul mentioned his caning to his father, Mr. McCartney would tell his son, “Well, you probably did something wrong.”