Paul McCartney Extends a Public Invitation to Bob Dylan

Paul McCartney Extends a Public Invitation to Bob Dylan | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paul McCartney - CBS Sunday Morning / Youtube

In a recent interaction with fans on his official Facebook group, legendary musician Paul McCartney engaged in a Q&A session, answering 23 fan questions. Among the inquiries, one fan named Vonnie posed the question:

“Is there anyone else you would like to sing a duet with?”

In response, McCartney took the opportunity to extend a public message to none other than Bob Dylan, stating:

“Bob Dylan keeps coming up in my mind, but I don’t know if we’ll ever get round to it.”

Reflecting on the ongoing ‘Got Back’ tour, which commenced in April 2022 and continued into 2023

McCartney highlighted it as a significant part of his year. When asked about his tour’s highlight in 2023, the iconic musician enthused:

“The ‘Got Back’ tour!”

Addressing a fan’s curiosity about his favorite song to perform during the ‘Got Back’ tour, McCartney shared:

 “It varies. Probably ‘Hey Jude,’ just to see all those thousands of people singing in harmony with each other.”

Aside from touring, McCartney has been busy with a musical adaptation of the classic film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’

Collaborating with Lee Hall of ‘Billy Elliot: The Musical’ and producer Bill Kenwright, McCartney has already composed over 10 songs for the musical. Responding to a query about the release of these songs to the public, McCartney expressed optimism:

“I hope so, yeah! Musicals are difficult things to put together, but I think it may be shaping up at last. So, hopefully, you’ll get to hear the songs.”

Reflecting on the inception of the musical in a 2019 statement, McCartney shared:

“Writing a musical is not something that had ever really appealed to me. But Bill and I met up with Lee Hall and had a chat, and I found myself thinking this could be interesting and fun.”

While McCartney and Dylan haven’t collaborated yet, Dylan conveyed his admiration for McCartney in a 2007 Rolling Stone interview. Dylan praised McCartney’s melodic talent, rhythm, instrumental skills, and vocal range, highlighting his effortless musical abilities. Going back to 1966, McCartney reciprocated the admiration, expressing his fandom for Dylan’s poetic use of words in lyrics.