Guy Gets 43 Metallica Tattoos For World Record

Guy Gets 43 Metallica Tattoos For World Record | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Even though Tom M. Engelbrecht isn’t very well-known right now, his tale is very remarkable. Tom is from Bergen, Norway, and works as a security guard at a neighborhood cocktail bar.

He appears to have a typical existence. But hidden below its modest exterior is a very amazing superpower.

Tom has officially entered the Guinness World Records for his accomplishment, working alongside the creative Bjarte Nødtvedt and renowned tattoo artist Gunnar V Tattoo, who is well-known for doing tattoos for bands.

With 43 different pieces of Metallica-inspired tattoo art covering his body, he currently claims the esteemed title of having the “Most tattoos of the same band”.

“Tom is a huge Metallica fan”

Engelbrecht’s intense love for Metallica is highlighted on the Guinness World Record website, calling him “a huge Metallica fan”, a sentiment that is very meaningful to him. 

Brian Kelleher, the curious brain behind Killer Guitar Rigs, noticed this enthusiasm and reached out to Tom to explore the reasons behind his 43 Metallica tattoos, which Guinness formally acknowledged on December 5, 2023.

Kelleher discussed with the celebrity security guard the timelines that represent his favorite periods in Metallica’s record and asked about the crucial moment when he first became aware of the band.

Furthermore, we investigated the depth of his commitment by asking how many times he had the thrilling opportunity to see Metallica perform live. Tom’s answers revealed details about his relationship with the band on a personal level as well as the development of his devotion and the significant influence Metallica has had on his life.

From a casual concertgoer to a lifelong fan

Because Metallica was a well-known band, 

Engelbrecht went to his first Metallica concert in 2007 when he was just 17 years old. At the time, I was just intrigued because they were a famous band, and didn’t really feel much for Metallica.

But the encounter was life-changing; Tom was blown away and became a lifelong fan. He gushed, “But I got hooked! It hit me like a baseball bat to the face. Like, ‘Mother of God! Holy crap, what a band!’ I loved them from that day on.”

Metallica’s music provided Tom with much-needed support throughout trying times. He says the band helped him get past obstacles pertaining to his mental health, stressing that:

“When I was around 19, I started to have problems with my mental health, and in the river of depression and anxiety, Metallica became the branch that I reached and that saved my life. I used Metallica as therapy. And the more I used Metallica, the closer they got to my heart. Every time I am at a concert, everything just disappears. I end up in my little bubble and I just enjoy the moment.”

Tom’s ultimate dream: Metallica members tattooing their own autographs on him

Tom has a unique and aspirational dream: he wants to get tattoos of the members of Metallica personally autographing him. Even though he has seen 24 Metallica shows and intends to see 11 more in 2024, his ultimate objective goes beyond being a die-hard fan of the band.

Tom has been quite involved with the band and has even expressed a strong desire to meet the other members.

“I would really like to meet them for two reasons. First, because I want them to sign my Guinness World Record diploma. Second, because I have this f**ked up dream. People often meet their heroes, get an autograph, and then get the autograph tattooed. I want to take it to the point of f**ked up. I want Metallica to tattoo their own autographs on me themselves.”

Engelbrecht hasn’t actually met the band yet, but Metallica has recognized his undying dedication. The band’s Instagram story prominently displayed one of his leg tattoos, and even drummer Lars Ulrich posted a picture of one of his tattoos.


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Tom “will probably never stop”

During the Killer Guitar Rigs interview, Tom also gave detailed explanations of the various Metallica tattoos that he has on his body. He also revealed that his first tattoo was a half sleeve he added in 2010. 

“At this moment, my right side of the body is fully tattooed of Metallica. From the foot, up leg and the side — my torso, armpit, and my whole arm. All in all — 46 tattoos where 43 is counted in the record. Three of them are doubled up.”

When Kelleher asked him, “How many Metallica tattoos until it hit the point of “this is getting out of hand”?”, Tom answered, “Well, if you ask me, I would say the day I have to tattoo my face. Cause I will probably never stop.”

Engelbrecht’s quest is a true monument to the devotion of a devoted fan, a dedication to Metallica that extends well beyond the typical boundaries of fandom is evident in the intricate mosaic of body art inspired by the band.


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