Our Pick Of Glenn Frey Eagles Songs

Our Pick Of Glenn Frey Eagles Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Glenn Frey with the Eagles, live in 1977 - Giovanni Campidoglio Fotografo / YouTube

Glenn Frey was one of the essential glues that held the Eagles together (musically, that is), with his contributions to the band’s material and overall sound evident in the tumultuous ride that spanned their career. Frey’s country-inspired style gave the Eagles the sweet, earthy side of things, and with that, here are our top picks for Glenn Frey’s best Eagles contributions.

“Lyin’ Eyes” – One Of These Nights (1975)

Glenn Frey totally owned “Lyin’ Eyes”, even with the creative input from Don Henley. Frey’s immaculate vocals shower the song with its country-tinged tone, while the tight supporting vocals complement his own very well.


“Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Eagles (1972)

When the Eagles debuted with their self-titled album in 1972, things were civil and amiable as evidenced by the generous sharing of vocal parts across the album. Frey was assigned to sing on “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, marking the start of his benchmark as the group’s organic, blue-collar vocal wonder.


“New Kid In Town” – Hotel California (1976)

Hotel California‘s titanic status as one of rock music’s critically-acclaimed catalogs doesn’t take away the fact that its pure sleaziness helped in setting the atmosphere. Glenn Frey was given “New Kid In Town” for vocals, where he does a calm and collected number on the country-rock hit.

“Heartache Tonight” – The Long Run (1979)

The open book interpretation that “Heartache Tonight” gives off has fans taking notice of the band’s worsening relationships, which signaled the beginning of the end. Still, Frey gives his all to offer fans his share of the Eagles’ sound.

“Take It Easy” – Eagles (1972)

Another cut from the debut catalog of the band, “Take It Easy” was Frey’s effort as he adopted an incomplete Jackson Browne song. The upbeat country-rocker became one of the most loved Eagles tunes to ever surface from the band, thanks to the appeal Frey brought to the people.