Our 7-Track Van Morrison Playlist

Our 7-Track Van Morrison Playlist | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Van Morrison for the Days Like This music video - Van Morrison / Youtube

The soulful Irish wonder has been around in the music industry for almost six decades and has painted rock and rhythm n’ blues with his own formula. There is something about Van Morrison’s music that sets it apart from his contemporaries, and that is his authentic feel and emotion, delivered with no restraints whatsoever. Here are the best songs by Van the Man, compiled into a 7-track playlist for your convenience.

“Days Like This”

The track is a timely composition in Morrison’s catalog, which showcased his undying touch for music even decades past his prime. Giving the message of indifference and not taking life’s challenges with over-eagerness, and try to live it one day at a time.

“Here Comes The Night”

From his time with Them, “Here Comes The Night” is an indulgent composition borne out of their earlier catalogs. More than the band’s effort in the track, Jimmy Page was hired to play on the song as well.

“Crazy Love”

Another one of Morrison’s strongest contenders, “Crazy Love” was a rich and simmering composition from start to finish. The magic in the lines of the song attracted attention from contemporaries and legends alike, prompting artists like Aaron Neville, Rod Stewart, and Michael Bolton to dish out their own renditions.

“Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile)”

Nothing like making it big enough to pay tribute to your musical heroes. That’s just what Morrison did, as Jackie Wilson was a big part of his developed style. Talking about the sublime feeling of listening to your favorite tune, Morrison delivers it with such impeccableness and effectivity here.


Nothing like the energy exuded by legend Fats Domino during his performances, which Morrison details to great effect with this fitting tribute. Filled with rambunctious energy from start to finish, “Domino” is one of his most upbeat compositions to date.

 “Into The Mystic”

Nothing like a good old gypsy’s touch on rock music with “Into The Mystic”. While Morrison was quite unsure of what to do with it at first (he prepared two sets of lyrics and an alternate title “Into The Misty”), the energies of the cosmos are easily identifiable in the comprehensive arrangement.


“Brown Eyed Girl” 

It doesn’t get better than this, anything Van Morrison that is. The iconic track is laid with reminiscent lyrics and a complementing arrangement to boot, making it one of the best Van Morrison tracks to date with its captivating run and melodies.