Our 10 Handpicked Best Ginger Baker Songs

Our 10 Handpicked Best Ginger Baker Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Ginger Baker, the iconic drummer often credited with inventing the rock ‘n’ roll drum solo, left an indelible mark on the music scene. This list of the Top 10 Ginger Baker Songs delves into his illustrious career, showcasing his prowess beyond mere feats of strength behind the kit.

Ginger Baker’s impact on music extends far beyond the drum kit, and this selection of his top songs celebrates his enduring legacy in the world of rock and beyond.

10. “Sweet Wine” – Cream (From: ‘Fresh Cream’ – 1966)

Co-composed with Jane Godfrey, Jack Bruce’s first wife, “Sweet Wine” is an early example of Baker’s ability to work as the group’s backseat driver. His relentless drumming on this track laid the foundation for Cream’s intriguing forays into jazz rock.

9. “Do What You Like” – Blind Faith (From: ‘Blind Faith’ – 1969)

A 15-minute Santana-styled piece credited solely to Baker, “Do What You Like” showcases his versatility. The extended exploration of his drum kit emphasizes Baker’s ability to seamlessly transition from staccato asides to roiling explosiveness.

8. “Space Chase” – Hawkwind (From: ‘Levitation’ – 1980)

Baker’s collaboration with Hawkwind on “Space Chase” highlights his deep interest in tom-focused tribal beats. Despite the brief partnership, this track illustrates Baker’s influence on instrumental music and his exploration of diverse rhythmic elements.

7. “Strange Brew” – Cream (From: ‘Disraeli Gears’ – 1967)

“Strange Brew” stands out not only for Eric Clapton’s vocals but also for Baker’s contributions. His drumming, with cool variations and rumbling runs, enhances the boogaloo groove, showcasing his ability to elevate a song beyond the surface.

6. “T.U.S.A.” – Masters of Reality (From: ‘Sunshine on the Sufferbus’ – 1993)

In this collaboration with Masters of Reality, Baker’s rhythmic contributions shine. Despite the spoken-word complaints about tea, Baker’s drumming adds depth to the track, demonstrating his versatility across different musical styles.

5. “Spoonful” – Cream (From: ‘Fresh Cream’ – 1966)

On “Spoonful,” Baker’s drumming showcases both raw power and thrilling complexity. The tough take on Willie Dixon’s blues classic allows him to display his ability for delicate control and perfectly calibrated fills.

4. “Sunshine of Your Love” – Cream (From: ‘Disraeli Gears’ – 1967)

Cream’s highest-charting U.S. single, “Sunshine of Your Love,” features Baker’s thundering drum work and a canny emphasis on the downbeat, giving the song a vaguely Indian flair. This iconic track played a crucial role in shaping the future of heavy blues.

3. “Had to Cry Today” – Blind Faith (From: ‘Blind Faith’ – 1969)

In the prog blues masterpiece “Had to Cry Today,” Baker’s drumming becomes the driving force behind the episodic construction of the song. His virtuosity complements the stellar performances of Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood.

2. “White Room” – Cream (From: ‘Wheels of Fire’ – 1968)

Baker takes the lead in guiding Cream through the intricate musical journey of “White Room.” His skillful drumming holds together the psychedelic roots of the song, making it a timeless rock classic.

1. “Toad” – Cream (From: ‘Fresh Cream’ – 1966)

At the top of our list is ‘Toad,’ a quintessential showcase of Baker’s drumming mastery. Featured in Cream’s repertoire, this track epitomizes Baker’s ability to command attention with his rhythmic prowess.